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a beautiful modern restaurant with flower arrangements.

How To Host A Chic Intimate Engagement Party

Nothing sets the tone for your impending nuptials like an engagement party. For many guests, this might be their first introduction to you and your partner as a couple. It’s a precursor to your wedding day and excites your friends and family. On what should be a day or evening of celebration, you'll want to keep things as chic as possible. Here is a complete guide to creating a chic engagement party, a sensory experience your guests will never forget. Let's get into it!

A restaurant with flowers


One of the most significant decisions you'll make when planning your engagement party is the venue. There’s nothing chicer than an intimate soiree. Consider renting a private dining area in a stylish restaurant for food and drinks with your nearest and dearest or a home garden with beautiful scenery and decor. 

How should I decorate my venue?

When looking to decorate your engagement party venue, table arrangements are everything. Create beautiful surroundings with flowers, candles, or sculptural features adorning your venue's tables and seated areas. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white color theme for any chic engagement event, but you might want to use colors and tones that will be replicated on your wedding day for continuity.


When choosing music to accompany your chic engagement party, it's essential to fit your environment. Nothing kills a vibe more than having to yell your conversation over blaring music. We suggest ambient chill music from hired musicians/DJs or an expertly crafted Spotify playlist like Engagement Party Vibes 1 or Engagement Party Vibes 2. Alternatively, you and your partner might spend time thinking about your favorite tracks and curate your own that is uniquely yours.

A grand food display with meats, fruit, an assortment of cheese, and pastries.


Is it even an engagement party without food? Whether you want a sit-down meal or offer chic finger food, your guests need to be fed. Opt for tasty, modern choices that can be enjoyed by various diets. Think about how you want the food to be arranged. Passed hors d’oeuvres or a tasty grazing table, buffet style or plated. The options are endless. This is an opportunity to really get creative. We love a good food display like these.

Cocktails are always a good idea.

Mocktail or cocktail, no matter your desires, a chic dinner will always need to be accompanied by a delicious beverage.  We suggest working with a mixologist to craft the perfect signature drink menu with names unique to your love story.  If cocktails aren’t your thing, wine or champagne in a sexy glass does the trick as well.  Need some ideas? Check out this list of classy cocktails that are fail safe.


There is no better way to make your engagement party memorable than the scent that greets your guests as they walk through the door.  Here are a few tips to keep your guests buzzing about how beautiful your engagement party looked and SMELLED.  

Flowers. Fresh flowers are the perfect way to infuse pleasant and uplifting smells into the space.  Hydrangea, Lavender, and White Rose are a safe bet.  Consult your local florist for the best in-season stems for your party.

Candles. Early evening or dinner? Explore candles with notes of jasmine, sandalwood, patchouli, or rosewood to set a moody, romantic vibe.  Brunch/Lunch?  To set the tone, keep it light with floral or citrusy scents like lavender, vanilla, or orange.  We love these.

Scent Diffusers. Interested in something more powerful and long-lasting?  Consider an automatic scent diffuser.  You can control how much and when the fragrance is released, where you want to concentrate the smell, and even have your party smell like your favorite hotel!!! Perfect for your event and home. We’re eyeing this one.

The scent is one of the best ways to evoke emotions. When it comes to aroma, remember everything in moderation.  The sense of taste and smell are closely linked, so be sure not to overpower your guests with any of the scents you choose.  Nothing kills a vibe faster than an unfavorable odor.  Make yours a good one. 


beautiful table setting

Last but not least, don’t forget the textures throughout. You not only want your guests to love what they are hearing, smelling, and tasting, you want them to physically FEEL it as well.  

Where can you add the texture, you ask? Literally, everywhere.  Let’s dive in.

Decor.  If the engagement party has a moody vibe, think lush velvets and soft suede brought in through drapes and decorative pillows.  Natural?  No problem.  Think raw edge concrete and stone elements mixed with light and airy chiffon drapes.

Glass/Tableware. Try hammered metals if you don’t want to stick to the traditional clear glass water goblet and white ceramic dinner plate.  This can really bring depth to the table.


Menus. 14pt. cardstock is excellent but TRULY elevate your engagement party using nontraditional materials like wood, acrylic, glass, or gold foil stamped suede.

Table Linen/Napkins. Linens are the best way to add texture. Silk and satin are always gorgeous but don’t be too timid to explore embellished fabrics.

Everything has a texture, so be intentional with your choices. You should consider how the combined factors impact the vibe, and don’t hesitate to make adjustments to ensure the atmosphere is perfect.


There's nothing like a chic, intimate engagement party to mark the beginning of the rest of your life. It's an opportunity to bring together all of your closest friends and family members—and let them know how much they mean to you.

But planning an engagement party can be stressful! You want to create a memorable experience for everyone involved, but you also want it to be stress-free and easy enough that you're not spending every waking moment thinking about it. At the end of the day, your guests are coming to celebrate you and your fiance’.  Don’t stress (or try not to!). The chance to create space that reflects who you are as a couple, rather grand or minimal, large or intimate, makes this moment your own. This is just one of many opportunities to celebrate your love.  

No matter how you host, an outfit from Fifth & Welshire is the cherry on top of the (wedding) cake! Shop our vast chic styles today, and celebrate your engagement authentically.

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