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You could have been anywhere in the internet world and yet you are here with us. Welcome. We hope you stay a while!

I’m Kai. Founder and Creative Director of Fifth & Welshire.  A contemporary bridal brand created for the modern woman that wants to stun her guests at every celebratory moment leading up to and after her ‘Big Day’.  I am also a wife, a mother, a former event decorator, a full-time HR Specialist, and a certified interior decorator. Sleep much?

Fifth & Welshire exists because ten years ago I was planning my wedding and had a hard time finding attire that was chic, classic, and within budget to match my personal style.  I was looking for accessible luxury that I could wear again.  We exist because we are not all into mermaid gowns and grand affairs.  We are here to provide the fashion-forward modern bride with the wardrobe, inspiration, and motivation for all of the events before, during, and after the ‘Big Day’.  

This is the space for the city hall bride, the art gallery girl, the intimate affair...the modern minimalist...the vow renewal...the second time around...you get it.  

We came to bring you fashion, demos, expert advice, interviews from real couples, how-tos, and inspiration.  So yes, if reading this has you on the edge of your seat, welcome to the family. You’re gonna love it here.

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Love, Light, and Vitality

Kai Petty

Founder/Creative Director

Fifth & Welshire